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I'm not sure why this page is here...

But a links page seems almost mandatory, so, here are a few sites that have, or may have, at least tangential relevance to bicycle touring that might be of interest


Trike stuff

Check out these trike manufacturers:

•   Greenspeed the grand-daddy of triker builders

•   HP Velotechnik an innovative German trike builder

•   Inspired Cycle Engineering the name says it all

•   MR Components another Oz trike builder, taking a different path...

•   Windcheetah has georgous looking if (even more) expensive trikes


Or, you can check out a whole heap of (tadpole) trike stuff in one brilliant site:

•   Trike Asylum a trike resource site that you gotta see to believe!


Bike stuff

Check out these wedgie * bike manufacturers:

•   Airnimal makes interesting upright folding bikes that even a triker can love

•   Riese & Müller an innovative German bike builder that make fabulous ‑ if expensive ‑ upright e‑bikes

* a wedgie is a rude name for an upright bike, that is, a normal two wheel bike, and it refers to the relationship between the rider's bike seat and their backside



There are a heap of sites out there to help you plan a tour, a couple of the legendary sites are:

•   Ken Kifer wrote the book as it were... his untimely death was left us all poorer, but check out his (archived) site, it has a heap of stuff on bike touring, still a good place to start

•   George Farnsworth has everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about carting your bike to your tour location, whether by land, sea or air

•   Bicycle Fish

and there's...   oh, there are a zillion of them – go find them!


I find tour diaries (journals) interesting too. Reading about other's experiences can inspire, warn and otherwise inform planning of your own tour. Again, there are zillions of sites, a few of the most well-known are:

•   Crazy guy on a bike a wonderfully titled and wonderfully eclectic collection of journals worth hours of investigation

•   Trento Bike Pages the grand-daddy of bike touring sites

•   Mike Bentley has gathered a long long list of (sometimes problematical) links


What else?

Ahhh, anything else, you know, the stuff that gets left behind and/or doesn't fit into any neat category...

Where do we start?   How about at the very beginning, a resource for our kids to learn more about bikes/cycling – and thank you Megan for the link 😀

Now what about advocacy? – It seems we all need someone to speak for us

•   International Human Powered Vehicle Association again, the name says it all

•   ozhpv the local Oz flavoured human powered vehicle association


Why not just Google?


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