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This is the easy one...   the links below and the menu links on the left say it all



A bookshelf full of stuff to read before, during and after a tour

There is plenty of material available on the web to help plan a tour - bike mechanicals, endurance training, packing lists, travel guides etc etc etc - so the bookshelf doesn't have any of this stuff , what is listed here is meant to give you 'flavour' and/or background rather than nitty gritty details

Much of the list is taken up with stuff about Islam and/or the Middle East simply because it's most likely to be the least known/understood. We all know about France for example. Right?   Peut-être pas. Les français ne sont pas fromage mangeant des singes de reddition



The inevitable list of links to other websites, chosen, as usual, by a totally ecelectic process

There are links to help plan a tour, to bicycle advocacy groups, to trike manufacturers and more...   just take a look



If you read something on the site but can't remember where, just use the Google powered search page


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