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So what's Warmshowers?

To quote from the website:   Warmshowers is a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists

And a damn fine thing it is too!

I have toured a lot with both my trike and e‑bike and I have experienced amazing hospitality on the road and so now it's my turn to reciprocate as best I can, so I'm a Warmshowers host. Cyclists are welcome to stay with me in my (small) house in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, not too far from both Bondi Beach or the city centre

If you'd like to stay with me, just go to and take things from there, just look for 'Triker' ‑ what else, eh?


A little about my place

My place is on the coast in a very quiet residential area about 9km's from the Sydney CBD. Lots of water views, sunrise/sunset views and nice walking paths to both Watsons Bay and Bondi Beach

I can offer one or two cyclists at a time, a place to:
  •  sleep
  •  eat (and/or cook if that's what you want)
  •  do laundry
  •  store bikes and/or gear
  •  catch up on emails, update blogs or whatever

All I ask is:
  •  advance notice, the more the better
  •  non-smokers only please, but then a cyclist who smokes???
  •  and if you need boxes to pack your bike for a flight, can you please contact me well in of advance of when you need them?


And a little about me

Now that I'm an old fart and no longer work full-time I spend as much time as I can on the road, mostly but not always on my bike or trike, but this means that I'm often not available to host, so, best contact me well in advance

Like lots of other Aussies I've spent quite a lot of time living and working outside Oz, in my case, in England - and I mean England not UK - Morocco and Sudan, but somehow I seem to be mono-lingual, a few ( and I mean few) words of French and Arabic and that's it for languages other than English


Getting here and away

I live in Vaucluse, my contact details and address are availble via Warmshowers but (hopefully) the info below might help





This is a NSW Government sponsored Trip Planner that can be used to search public transport services to my house


Use "South Head General Cemetery, Vaucluse" as the destination



Sydney weather



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