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A little about the site

As seems to be usual with websites, this one keeps changing...

This latest rebuild has dropped (almost) all the Javascript of the old and uses validated HTML5 and CSS3. Hopefully this will make the site faster, easier to navigate, easier to read and be more accessible across the universe of devices we all use these days

While modern browsers support web standards, there is little in common in the way they get there and so some browser version/operating system combinations may have trouble, if this means that you can't get all the bits of the site to work - sorry!

Still, in most cases the content should display reasonably well across all devices and screen sizes, just as it should in older browsers

A little about the images on this site: some are photos I've taken - use them as you will - others were taken by friends - thank you one & all - and others have been given to me . With images that I've been sent it's a tad hard to know whether they're in public domain or not, so if you see an image that you think that you've got copyright over, just let me know and I'll fix any problem arising. OK?


And a little about me

I live in Oz (Australia ) and I spend as much time as I can on the road. Mostly but not always on my trike, the hedonist part of me loves cruising in my little Alfa 147 Citroen DS3

Like lots of other Aussies I've spent quite a lot of time living and working outside Oz. In my case, in England - and I mean England not UK - Morocco and Sudan, but somehow I seem to end up back here, hopefully a tad wiser each time

What else?

Take your pick of the minutiae:

  • I am a sometime student of Australian History - yes, we do have history!
  • I am also a sometime student of - surprise, surprise - Islamic studies
  • I am a sometime administrative worker at a University in Sydney
  • I am a Warmshowers host - look for "Triker".
  • I am...  

Oh, isn't that enough?



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Backgound image: Desert road near Farafra, Egypt
Banner image: Triker & Alfa Romeo 147, Sydney, Australia