just a bike


is pretty much what it says...

it's just about bicycle touring mostly on a recumbent tricycle (trike) but more recently on an e‑bike


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If you want, just   Enter 🚴   but it's not good for a cyclist to be lost is it?

So, before you jump in, here's a road-map of this site.



Everything you wanted to know about riding feet first...

  º My trikes:   a Greenspeed GT3 and an ICE Adventure FS
  º FAQ:   the questions everyone asks about riding a trike

And about riding e‑bikes

  º My bike:   a Riese and Müller Charger
  º FAQ:   the questions everyone asks about riding an e‑bike



Information about my tours - in Australia and a heap of other places, like Algeria, France, Iran, Eritrea, Libya, Syria and Yemen. And through Europe on the amazing EuroVelo 6, the Via Francigena and the Camino Português amongst other tours

For a full list of places I've been check the   Site Map

Each tour is (usually) described in two parts:

  º Nitty gritty:   stuff about organising a tour - visas, roads, money and so-on
  º Stories:   just bits and pieces from my journal

Of course, the 'nitty gritty' info is highly perishable and may be so is for the most part no longer be relevant - use with care as they say...

There's a photo gallery too, mostly my own photos - of variable quality!


left overs

All the bits + pieces that don't fit anywhere else, including the obligatory links page

  º Bookshelf:   stuff to read before, during and after a tour
  º Links:   the unavoidable page of web links
  º Search:   search this site
  º Site Map:   just in case you can't find what's where


The home page link will take you to the inevitable stuff about me and more...

  º About:   about the site and something about me
  º What's new?:   what has been added, fixed, upgraded


Ready to go now?   Enter 🚴





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