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I'm not sure why this page is here...

Most pages have links under the More Information tag and there's always the Gigablast search engine, but still, a links page seems almost mandatory, so, here are a few sites that have, or may have, at least tangential relevance to bicycle touring that might be of interest

Trike stuff

Greenspeed isn't the only trike builder around, check out these other manufacturers:

º   Inspired Cycle Engineering the name says it all

º   MR Components another Oz trike builder, taking a different path...

º   Windcheetah has georgous looking – if (even more) expensive – trikes

There are a few reviews of trikes etc etc online too, why not start at:

º   ozhpv stuff provided by hpv folk in Oz

This next one is not a trike link, it's not even a recumbent link, it's a wedgie * link:

º   Airnimal makes innovative upright folding bikes that even a triker can love

* a wedgie is a rude name for an upright bike, that is, a normal two wheel bike, and it refers to the relationship between the rider's bike seat and their backside



There are a heap of sites out there to help you plan a tour, a couple of the legendary sites are:

º   Ken Kifer wrote the book as it were... his untimely death was left us all poorer, but check out his (archived)site, it has a heap of stuff on bike touring, still a good place to start

º   George Farnsworth has everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about carting your bike to your tour location, whether by land, sea or air

There are lots more sites out there, off the top of my head, there's Bike Touring 101, there's Bicycle Fish, there's...   oh, there are a zillion of them – go find them!


I find tour diaries (journals) interesting too. Reading about other's experiences can inspire, warn and otherwise inform planning of your own tour. Again, there are zillions of sites, a couple of the most well-known are:

º   Trento Bike Pages the grand-daddy of bike touring sites   –   the latest incarnation of this site seems to have a problem displaying correctly in Internet Explorer 7, at least on my computer

º   Travel to the Horizon a bike travel resources site that you gotta see to believe!

And some others?     Well there's the wonderfully titled Crazy guy on a bike, and there's a long long list of links that Mike Bentley has gathered



Ahhh, left-overs, the stuff that gets left behind or doesn't fit into any neat category...

Where do we start?   How about with advocacy? – It seems, as cyclists, that we all need someone to speak for us

º   International Human Powered Vehicle Association again, the name says it all

º   ozhpv the local Oz flavoured human powered vehicle association

º   Bicycle Federation of Australia again, the local Oz flavoured cyclists association, you'll have your own local group too – go find them & support them!

Hmmmmmm, what else?

Well, I did promise something on "arab" music in the Bookshelf page didn't I?

º   Mazika a music portal with lots of downloads and so-on

Anything else?

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