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Just a trike is pretty much what it says...

It's just about bicycle touring on a recumbent HPV (Human Powered Vehicle)

My Greenspeed trike - a GT3 model

Not good for a cyclist to be lost is it?   So, here's a road-map of this site:

The Site menu tabs at the top will take you to:

º Trikes - stuff about my tricycle
º Tours - stuff about bicycle touring
º Left Overs - stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else

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My HPV is actually a bike with three wheels rather than the usual two; a tricycle, mostly called a trike

º My trike:   An ICE Adventure FS
º FAQ:   Frequently asked questions, everything you wanted to know about going feet first


Information about bicycle touring - mostly in Australia but also tours in other places, like Libya and Syria, described as the Axles of Evil Tours

Each tour is (usually) described in two parts:

º Nitty gritty:   stuff about organising a tour - visas, roads, money and so-on
º Stories:   bits and pieces from my journal - not serious, mostly the things that amused me


º Libya:   an overview of a failed trike tour to Libya in 2003
º Tunisia:   the consolation prize was pretty good tho, a trike tour in Tunisia 2003
º Mahgreb:   the big one, a ride from Cairo to Casablanca in 2009
º Sudan:   a small one! A (trikeless) tour of Sudan in 2009
º Eritrea/Ethiopia:   another small one! A (trikeless) tour of Eritrea/Ethiopia in 2011


º Big Rides:   RTA NSW Big Rides 1996 - 2001
º Little rides:   the 'Gong ride, Cycle Sydney and more 1996 - 2006
º Outback Odysessy:   a ride out back of beyond in South Australia in 2002
º Nullabor 1200:   a planned ride out back of beyond in southern Australia
º South Eastern Australia:   1400 km from Sydney to Adelaide in 2006


º France:   an overview of a trike tour in Provence in 2005
º France:   an overview of a trike tour along the Loire in 2008
º EuroVelo 6:   a trike tour across Europe in 2012

Middle East

º Iran:   an overview of a tour in Iran without the trike 2007
º Iraq:   another tour without the trike, Iraq 2012
º Syria:   an overview of a trike tour in Syria 2001
º Yemen:   yet another tour without the trike, Yemen 2009

Axles of Evil Tours

º Why?   Trike tours in the badlands - Iran, Iraq, Libya and Syria

The photos

Mostly my own photos - of variable quality! - but a few that have been sent to me too

The stories

Bits and pieces from my journal - not serious, mostly the things that amused me

Left Overs

All the bits + pieces that don't fit anywhere else, including the obligatory links page

º Bookshelf:   stuff to read before, during and after a tour
º Links:   the inevitable page of web links
º Search:   search this site

And last of all:

Home page

You're here already, but on this page, you'll find the inevitable stuff about me and more...

º About:   about the site and something about me
º Site Map:   just in case you can't find what's where
º What's new?:   what has been added, fixed, upgraded