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La France est l'Europe est lui pas?

Europe is a big place   D'oh!

With Rummys' – remember him? – 'new' Europe joining with 'old', there are even more countries added to those that we think of as Europe. A heap of different climates, cultures, cuisines, languages, landscapes etc etc all packed into a contiguous land mass. How can a cyclist resist?

There are plenty of well–known bike routes in Europe – the Romantic Road in Germany, the Danube Bike path in Austria, long–distance bike paths in Scandanavia and paths to Prague and beyond in 'new' Europe – that all beckon

Europe's possibilities are magic, the choices of where to ride endless. Even so, how can a cyclist go past France ?  


France, home of the bicycle (and in passing where the vélo couché, recumbent bike, was also born), home to the world's most famous (or infamous) bike race, home to spectacular alpine challenges, tranquil bike–paths along canals and everything between, home to mouthwatering food and some of the world's best wines. The temptations are boundless...


France   My first experience with a packaged tour: 2005

August was the only time I could get away and it's not a great cycling time in the northern hemisphere – too hot, too many tourists and so-on – so, I took a commercial 'self-guided' tour of Provence in southern France. All I had to do was ride; my accommodation, my evening meals were pre-arranged and more importantly, my gear was taken from hotel to hotel for me

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France   My second experience with a packaged tour: 2008

Again, August was the only time I could get away and so I repeated the '05 experience but this time it's a very lazy couple of hundred k's around the Loire

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EuroVelo 6   A ride across Europe: 2012

Yes, the EuroVelo 6 route crosses France!

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What did I find?


All-in-all a 'self-guided' commercial tour is a very easy way to tour

And for what it's worth, those cheese–eating–surrender–monkeys were actually really friendly, welcoming folk. Nary a trace of the fabled uppity Frog...

And 2008?

It really was a lazy tour!   But oh soooooo nice... even better than the '05 experience